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Appointment status is used to determine who should see the appointments and how the appointment should be billed.

Renaming Status

Rename Status options in Settings => Status. Please note that renaming does not change how the status functions.

Status Options

  • Active - Standard status to be used before an appointment is billed.
  • Cancelled - Does not charge the customer for the appointment.
  • On Hold - Does not allow interpreter to see or claim job.
  • Complete - Standard - For all standard complete appointments after the billing has been entered.
  • Patient No-Show - Appointments where patient didn't arrive, will charge customer minimum time.
  • Double Booked - Interpreter and customer will be paid appointment minimum times.
  • Disputed Charge - Customer will not be charged and agency will work to categorize based on fact findings.
  • Last min Cancellation - Customer cancelled at appointment location or customer cancelled within 24 hrs of the appointment. Customer will be charged based on minimum time.
  • Locked - Appointments that don't require status updates.
  • Interpreter Unavailable - Agency couldn't find an available interpreter that matched the specifications of the appointment.



Specialized Categories

Use special categories for key features like video conferencing or billing third parties.

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