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Isolate Requesters

Agency Customers Isolate Requesters

Isolate Requesters

Isolate requesters to particular locations.

For a customer that wants one invoice but needs their requesters to be isolated to specific locations.

For Example:

A group of clinics may only need one invoice so you have one customer account for them. The requesters at each clinic should only see appointments at their clinic. Each clinic should be a location and by doing so you can link the requester to a specific location/clinic.

Activate Isolating Requesters

You'll see a switch labeled "Isolate Requesters" in Agency => Customers => List Customers => {Customer} => General Details. Switch this on to isolate requesters.

Linking Requesters to Locations

Once the isolate requesters switch is on all requesters linked to that customer will have a new area shown in Users => Requesters => {Requester} => Locations. Appoint locations to the requester the same way you would appoint languages to an interpreter.

Requester Administrators

A switch is shown if isolate requesters is turned on in Users => Requesters => {Requester} => Personal Settings. The switch is called Requester Admin and will allow that user to see appointments at all locations.



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