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Customers Sync

Synchronize a QBO customer account with Aqua Schedules to allow invoices to be sent to QBO from Aqua Schedules.

QuickBooks Online Sync

You can now synchronize all of your appointments with the most popular online accounting software Intuits QuickBooks Online (QBO).

Synchronize the following

  • Customers
  • Invoices
  • Services
  • Interpreters (Vendors)
  • Bills
  • Expense Accounts

Agency Instructions

Getting Connected

To get started login as the agency. Navigate to Settings -> Billing -> QuickBooks Online. If you haven't already synchronized our system with QBO you'll see a button, Connect To QuickBooks. You'll see a pop-up from QBO asking for permission to share information with Aqua Schedules. Once permissions have been granted you'll be able to see QuickBooks settings.

Synchronize Services

While are are in the settings let's sync some Services. Services are the items you sell to your customers. You may be used to only using one service interpreting but we break an appointment down into 9 possible services. We do this to itemize an appointment into hours, miles, bonuses, and any other fees a customer might incur. When this is done an appointment may use more then 1 line in the invoice, each line being associated to a service that was applicable. With your appointments itemized into many different services you can see what portion of your income came from each type of fee.

Click the button Synchronize Services. Each service will have a drop down menu were you can select the service you currently use. If one is missing please create the service in QBO, come back to this page and hit refresh to find the new listing.

Synchronize Expense Account

Expense accounts are used for generating bills used to pay interpreters. It is equivalent to services as it is itemizing the reasons you pay interpreters. We simply use one expense account, as an example Sub-Contractor. Select the drop down that corresponds best with payments to interpreters.

Customer Invoice Description

Every line item of an invoice will have a description column. This is to indicate which appointment the line item being charged was for. You can customize your description by entering an example description and replacing fields you want related to the appointment with {field name} including the brackets.

Interpreter Bill Description

This is the same as the customer invoice description only this time it's used in bills instead of invoices. Format it according to what an interpreter would need to see.

Customer Sync

Each Aqua Schedules customer should be synced with a QBO customer account. Navigate to the Customers Tab, select the customer you want to sync from the list and then click Customer QuickBooks Link. You'll see a drop down list that you can use to link to an existing customer account. If you don't currently have a customer account in QBO you can click the green button Create New Customer Account. This will generate the account for your in QBO automatically and establish the link.

Interpreter Sync

This is very much like the customer sync the only differences are you are selecting each interpreter and linking them to a QBO vendor account.

Category Sync

If your agency sometimes does work for other agencies or for any other similar situation you may want to sync a customer account with an Aqua Schedules category. This is exactly like customer syncing, you are still synchronizing to a QBO customer account. You'll find the sync feature in Settings -> Categories -> Customer QuickBooks Link. Please note this is only made visible if the category has setting Bill Customer set to Off.


QuickBooks Online

Customers Import

Import every customer account currently not synchronized with Aqua Schedules.

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