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This organization noticed some vulnerabilities that we were not aware of, one being of such significance that we put this page together to show them our appreciation. A white hat hacker is someone willing to explorer seemingly dull systems and take their time to share their findings with the people who should know about it, and that they did very well. We'll be sending over some USD via the client who hired the org and took the time to understand the balance of security vs accessibility something we appreciate very much.
Thank you.

Follow-up: The organization requested anonymity due to us not being the hiring team and did not want our tip for their finding, instead offering their services for a more complete scan. This was difficult to justify since their effort was to secure concerns for the hiring agency. Alas, the disappointing impasse.

We looked forward to catching exploiters by checking our tracking information for brute force scans and after all the excitement in the possibility of involving police departments found no indications at a sample size that would have been more then academic at best.

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1 (805) GET-AQUA | 1.805.438.2782

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