Google Calendars Sync Interpreter

Syncronise your appointments with Google Calendars. Allowing you to use Google notifications and alerts before the appointment.

Google Calendars Sync

We now offer synchronization with Google Calendars for interpreters!

Google Calendars is a great tool to help maintain your schedule. They have created applications for both Android and iOS where you can set notifications including email, text messages, and chimes. You can set the amount of time before an appointment for the notification and even receive more then one type at different times.

Instructions for Interpreters

To link with Google Calendars navigate to the settings page you'll see "Google Calendars - Connect". Clicking that button will open a window where you grant permission for Aqua Schedules to access your calendar. Once permission has been granted Aqua Schedules will create a new calendar called Aqua Schedules and synchronize all future appointments automatically. Any adjustments made to appointments will continue to sync with Google Calendars.

Q: Where is the clients name and reference number?

A: Sorry we can't transmit that information to Google Calendars in order to maintain HIPAA compliance.