Month View Interpreter

Monthly Calendar showing daily volumes, quantities unassigned, and quick links to some appointments.


Appointment schedule in a monthly format.

Two or Less

If there are two or less appointments for a day then each appointment is shown. A vertical bar is colored orange for AM appointments and gray for PM appointments. Clicking an appointment will open a pop-up box showing and allowing edits to the appointment. If an appointment glows red it has not been assigned to an interpreter.

More then Two

If there are more then 2 appointments for a given day a total quantity of appointments is shown. If clicked it will direct the agency member to the appointments page for that date. If there are unassigned appointments they will show in red text below the quantity of appointments also linking to the appointments page.

Add Appointments

A plus symbol is shown for today and all future days which works to add an appointment to that day by pop-up box shown if clicked.