Specialized Categories Agency

Use special categories for key features like video conferencing or billing third parties.

The specialized categories feature allows the agency special tools for appointments.

  • Video Conferencing: To use video conferencing create or modify an existing category. Change the categories general details and ensure "For Video Conferencing" is switched on. For each appointment using this category a green button will appear that says "Join Video Conference". The interpreter, agency user, and requester will all be able to see that button and will be routed into the same video conference room. It's that easy! If they aren't on the right browser they will see the notice on what browsers are supported. Click this link to read more about video conferencing.
  • Visible to Requesters: Turn this option off to hide appointments filed in this category from requesters. You may not want requesters to see appointments of this category as they may not have ordered services from your agency directly. Use this switch to hide the appointments from the requesters as necessary.