Custom Fields Agency

Customize your appointment form.

Custom Fields allows an agency to ask for additional information in an organized manner. Here's how it works.

  • To add or edit custom fields: navigate to Settings => Custom Fields
  • Field Type:
    • Text Input: Allows text entry.
    • Select (Options List): List of options allowing selection of only one option.
    • Switch (Yes/No): Provides a yes or no switch.
    • Date Input: Shows the mini calendar allowing for easy date entry.
    • Text Input (Note): Allows multiple lines of text with no character limits.
    • Integer Input: Allows input of integers.
  • Field Label: The name next to your custom field on the appointment form. We recommend keeping this short.
  • Associate To Category: Limit your custom field to only one category or have it displayed on all categories.
  • Field Placement: Select where on the appointment form you would like to place your custom field.
  • Required Field: Set a requirement such that entry is needed for the appointment to save.
  • Interpreter Visibility: Control when interpreters see this field.