Badges Agency

Badges are given to interpreters for certifications, immunizations and training to ensure the right interpreter is selected for the job.

Activating the Badge Feature

Login as the Agency then navigate to Settings => General Settings and switch the "Use Badges" switch on.

Creating Badges

After activating badges a new area will appear (Settings => Badges). Use badges to certify interpreters for special categories social, legal, and medical type appointments. Badges can be used for other types of requirements like immunizations, onsite training, and special techniques like simultaneous interpreting. An agency can also use badges to create tiers of interpreters like Tier I, Tier II, and general (no badge).

Assigning Badges To Interpreters

After activating badges a new area will appear (Users => List => Interpreters => {Select Interpreter} => Badges. Add all applicable badges to the interpreter.

Assigning Badges To Customers

You can assign a badge to a customer account. This will automatically set all new appointments created by requesters of that customer account to default those badges onto their appointments. This is great for onsite training requirements or other certification requirements.

Requiring Badges

After activating badges a new area will appear on the appointments called 'Required Badges', an area with 3 drop downs. As you select the badges required for the interpreter the system will only show interpreters with all required badges.

Please note an interpreter must have all appointment badges to be qualified!

Badge Rules (Automatic Badge Changes)

Consider opening access for an assignment to larger pools of interpreters automatically by having Aqua Schedules switch one badge to another X minutes after the appointments creation. To add a badge rule navigate to Settings => Badges => Badge Rules.