Regions Agency

Regions allow Agencies to apportion appointments to interpreters by geographic regions.


Regions allow the Agency to dispense appointments to interpreters in particular geographic regions.

Activate Regions

In Agency => Settings => General Settings you'll find a switch labeled "Use Regions" switch this on to activate this feature.

Creating Regions

You'll now see an area in Agency => Settings called Regions that will allow you to create them.

Link Locations to Regions

Appointments are tied to regions by location. Once regions have been activated you'll see a field in locations marked region. This will allow you to tie the location to a region.

Link Interpreter to Regions

Interpreters can be associated to one or more regions. They will only see appointments that are linked to one of their regions. This means an interpreter who is willing to travel farther could be tied to more regions then another interpreter who doesn't want to travel so far for work.

Messaging Interpreters in a Region

You'll also see a new area where you can message all interpreters associated to a particular region.