Locations Agency

Large customer accounts can be composed of many locations. For example: A hospital could have each room or area divided into individual locations.


A location is a physical location to send the interpreter. Some customers will require many different potential locations for an appointment. Enter those locations here to direct the interpreter to the right place.


  • Search area allows you to quickly find a specific location.
  • List of locations in alpha/numerical order.
  • To the right the total amount of appointments associated with the location.
  • Under the location name is the physical address.


Location Name for the location. Keep the name as short as possible to help fit information on mobile devices.
Address Physical address of the location including apartment, suite, or room number. This physical address is sent to google maps when an interpreter clicks the address so make it as accurate and complete as possible to improve services to interpreters.
Notes Location notes.
Active Hide the location from the drop down list during appointment creation by inactivating.

Clicking the Add Location button at the bottom of the list will allow entry of a new location.