Billing Accounts Agency

Billing accounts can be activated per customer to distribute portions of a customer invoice to different entities.

Activating Billing Accounts

Activate billing accounts by navigating to the General Settings for a customer. Customers => List Customers => {Select Customer} => General Details. A switch called 'Enable Billing Accounts' can be enabled to activate billing accounts for that customer.

Creating Billing Accounts

To create a billing account navigate to the billing accounts area for a customer that has billing accounts enabled; Customers => List Customers => {Select Customer} => Billing Accounts. Create billing accounts as needed.

Appointment Billing Accounts

A selection of the billing accounts will now appear on appointments for that customer. You can select a billing account to identify which entity should pay for that appointment. Requesters can also select billing accounts for appointments.

Billing Customer Billing Accounts

You can still generate an invoice that contains all appointments for that customer. You can also invoice a billing account for appointments linked to that billing account. Navigate to Billing => Billing Customer Billing Accounts. This area allows you to select a billing account for a particular customer and invoice as you would a customer account.