Consumers Agency

Consumers are the Agency's Customer's Client.


Consumers are the Agency's Customer's client. They are primarily stored to help everyone refer to the correct appointment.

Per Consumer Data

Some agencies might need data for the consumer to be available across many appointments, we'll call this a persistent consumer. only agency users can access data for persistent consumers keeping it organized and to simplify its confidentiality.

When persistent customers is activated from the 'Consumers' switch in Settings => General Settings two major areas appear. One area is a 'Consumers' tab added to the main menu. The second area is a 'Consumer' tab added to the appointments. Both areas allow you to select consumers and modify information stored for the consumer but only the consumers tab will allow you to create a new consumer.

Per Appointment Data

The average agency will only need to store consumer information for a particular appointment. Either the information about the consumer is unnecessary or the consumer is rarely seen. Agencies managing data for persistent consumers will still use the per appointment consumer data to collect information from the requester to reference the right persistent consumer.