Billing Bundles Agency

Billing bundles are a set of rules that describe how you charge a customer or pay an interpreter.

Billing Bundles

Billing Bundles Are For;

  • customers to describe how much you would charge the customer for services, and
  • interpreters to describe how much the agency would owe the interpreter.

Billing Bundle Types

  • Universal - If a billing bundle is universal then it applies to every interpreter or every customer.
  • Individual - If a billing bundle is individual then it applies to only one interpreter or only one customer.

Bundle Interfaces

  • Universal Billing Bundles can be created or modified from;
    • Billing => Billing Bundles - Customers, at the bottom of the list is an entry called {Universal} which applies bundles to all customers; or
    • Billing => Billing Bundles - Interpreters, at the bottom of the list is an entry called {Universal} which applies bundles to all interpreters.
  • Individual Billing Bundles: can be created or modified by navigating to;
    • Customers => List Customers => {Select Customer} => Billing Bundles,
    • Users => Interpreters => {Select Interpreter} => Billing Bundles,
    • Billing => Billing Bundles - Customers, or
    • Billing => Billing Bundles - Interpreters.

Universal Bundles

Universal bundles help agencies that charge most of their customers or pay most their interpreters a global rate. By having universal bundles an agency doesn't have to create bundles for each new customer or interpreter. When on-boarding a new customer or interpreter who requires a unique billing bundle package then create an individual billing bundle for them.

Interpreter Case Studies:

  • All the interpreters are paid the same. Use a universal billing bundle.
  • Most of the interpreters are paid the same with the exception of a few. Use one universal billing bundle then create individual billing bundles for the exceptions.
  • All the interpreters are paid the same though one type of appointment pays more. Create two categories create and associate each universal billing bundle to a category for each type of appointment.
  • Interpreter billing rates are based on language. Create a universal billing bundle for each language and associate it to the language.

Individual Billing Bundles

Individual billing bundles help agencies that have different contracts with each customer and/or interpreter. They can be used in conjunction with universal bundles for special types of appointments. An agency could have a fixed rate for all medical appointments (universal bundle) and individual bundles for unique rates for legal appointments. You can create as many bundles as needed for a customer or interpreter and can then select the right bundle on the appointment form as needed.

Default Bundles

When a customer or interpreter has more then one billing bundle (universal or individual) a default billing bundle should be picked. The default bundle will be selected automatically for each appointment unless the billing bundle is associated to a category or language that is applicable. Most agencies generally don't need to use associations but is an optional extra for complex billing scenarios. Read more about associations below.

Billing Bundle Associations

Each customer/interpreter billing bundle will have an association field which pre-selects the bundle when the appointment matches the category or language. If more then one association can be made the system will take a best guess as to which billing bundle to use. If no associations are found then the default billing bundle for that customer/interpreter is used. Most agencies leave the association field blank and usually just pick a default bundle.