Billing Bundles Agency

Billing bundles are a set of rules that describe how you charge a customer or pay an interpreter.


  • Customer Billing Bundles: Linked to a customer.
  • Interpreter Billing Bundles: Linked to an interpreter.
  • Universal Customer Billing Bundles: Available to all customers.
  • Universal Interpreter Billing Bundles: Available to all interpreters. Read more by clicking this link on Universal Interpreter Billing Bundles
  • Category Billing Bundles: Linked to a category that does not bill the standard customer.

Universal Bundles

Universal billing bundles are designed for agencies that pay most or all of their interpreters or charge most or all of their customers the same amount. It's designed to simply how much the agency has to do when creating a new customer account or adding an interpreter.

Unique Customer Contracts

Many agencies have rates depending on negotiated contracts with their customers. That requires them to have a billing bundle for each customer account. They may actually need more then one bundle per customer account if for example they charge a different rate for video conferencing. When rates depend on category use of billing bundle associations is of great benefit.

Unique Interpreter Contracts

Much like unique customer contracts an agency may have pay rates unique to each interpreter. That means each interpreter will have at least one billing bundle.

Billing Bundle Associations

Each customer/interpreter billing bundle will have an association field which pre-selects the bundle when the appointment matches the category or language. If more then one association can be made the system will take a best guess as to which billing bundle to use. If no associations are found then the default billing bundle for that customer/interpreter is used.