Offer Agency

Easily offer appointments to interpreters by email.

How to Use It:

The offer button sits next to the list of interpreters when looking at an appointment. Please note currently the offer button is only displayed after the appointment is initially created.

Offering To All Interpreters

If you select - All Interpreters - and click offer, it sends offers to everyone on the list (qualified interpreters) that are available. Bookings, weekly availability, and vacations will stop the offer from going to the interpreter.

Offering To a Interpreter

Select an interpreters name then click offer. The interpreter will receive an offer, it will not be blocked based on their availability. You'll notice the drop down list automatically changes their name back to - Any Interpreter - to keep that interpreter from being assigned if Save is clicked.

Tracking Offers:

  • Will display a - (Offered) next to the interpreters that have been offered and haven't responded.
  • If the interpreter accepts - (Offered) changes to - (Accepted).
  • If the interpreter declines - (Offered) changes to - (Declined).

Three Potential Blocks When Interpreters Accept:

  • The appointment was already accepted by a different interpreter.
  • The interpreter has appointments pending billing n day(s) old. The n in this case is set by the agency and is called the 'Billing Threshold'.
  • Acceptance would create an overlap with another appointment.

How to Customize It:

Navigate to Settings => Notifications => Email When Offered, from this page customize the email to meet your needs. There is an 'Auto Assign First Acceptance' switch that will automatically assign the first interpreter to accept the appointment offer.