Day Visual Agency

Displays appointments in a visual view by interpreter. See interpreter weekly availability and appointments by time block.

The interpreter view feature has a lot of useful features.

  • Blue bubbles represent appointments. Click a blue bubble to see the appointment pop-up.
  • Gray bubbles indicate weekly time off.
  • Red bubbles are unassigned appointments.
  • Change the language to narrow down the list to only interpreters that speak that language.

Notice how the bubbles are slightly transparent? That is to help the agency find overlaps which can happen when the agency assigns an interpreter to an appointment. The agency will know they are causing an overlap when they assign an interpreter with a (B), (V), or (O) next to their name.

  • B for booked.
  • V for vacation.
  • O for scheduled off (weekly availability).

By default an interpreter cannot claim an appointment that would cause an overlap.