Appointment Fields Agency

Appointment specific details.


Status Status of the appointment. Rename Statuses in Agency => Settings

Active - Standard status to be used before an appointment is billed.

Cancelled - Does not charge the customer for the appointment.

On Hold - Does not allow interpreter to see or claim job.

Complete - Standard - For all standard complete appointments after the billing has been entered.

Patient No-Show - Appointments where patient didn't arrive, will charge customer minimum time.

Double Booked - Interpreter will be paid appointment minimum time and customer will not be charged.

Disputed Charge - Customer will not be charged and agency will work to categorize based on fact findings.

Last min Cancellation - Customer cancelled at appointment location or customer cancelled within 24 hrs of the appointment.

Locked - Appointments that don't require status updates.

Interpreter Unavailable - Agency couldn't find an available interpreter that matched the specifications of the appointment.
Category Create categories in Agency => Settings.
Interpreter Gender No Pref - Male or female interpreters may attend the appointment (No preference).

Male - Male interpreter only.

Female - Female interpreter only.
Interpreter Interpreter assigned to the appointment. Blank when unassigned.

- (Booked) - The interpreter has an appointment that would overlap the time of the viewed appointment.

- (Vacation) - The interpreter has scheduled a vacation in the system that conflicts with the viewed appointment.

- (Off Weekly) - The interpreter has marked the time off their weekly schedule.

- (Offered) - The interpreter has been offered the appointment but haven't yet responded.

- (Accepted) - The interpreter accepted or claimed the job offer.

- (Declined) - The interpreter declined the job offer.
Automatic Calculation Calculates the agency & interpreter fees based on billing bundles. Disable this to adjust or enter amounts unique to this appointment.
Agency Fee The amount the agency will charge the customer for the appointment.
Interpreter Fee The amount the interpreter will charge the agency for the appointment.
Date Date of the appointment.
Start Time of the appointment Start.
Duration Estimated length of the appointment.
Actual Duration This duration is used for billing. This can be switched for an actual start/end time entry fields.
Travel Distance Allows entry of travel distance, can be shown/hidden in Settings => Billing Settings => Billing Settings.
Travel Time Allows entry of travel time, can be shown/hidden in Settings => Billing Settings => Billing Settings.
Language Client/Patients spoken language.
Client Name Client/Patient/Consumer name.
Client Reference Can be renamed. This is to give your clients a field they can use for a reference number.
Interpreter Call Patient An optional check box to mark a pre-appointment call to the client/patient by the interpreter. The interpreter can uncheck this box to notify the agency the call was placed. Activate/Deactivate this in settings.
Customer First drop down shown shows active customers. If customer has more then one location another drop down (location) is made visible to choose appointment location. The system will either show customer default address, or location address and notes depending on the details for that customer.
Location Shown if the customer has multiple locations, once selected the address field is shown.
Address Physical address of the location. Connected to Google Maps to pin point location and give users the options for directions to the location. Please note it is just a google search for the address so if entered wrong or not enough information is provided it may show a bad result.
Agency Verified A checkbox that can be used when the agency has verified all the billing information entered.
Requester Verified A checkbox that can be used when the requester has verified all the billing information entered.