Video Conferencing All

Our video conferencing allows your interpreters to instantly connect with clients without requiring any installations.


In order to make video conferencing free we directly connect the video stream between attendees, the stream never passes through any third parties including us.

Video Conferencing Configuration

To start using video conferencing check to see if "Use Categories" is enabled in General Settings. If "Use Categories" is enabled then create or modify an existing category; enable "For Video Conferencing".

How To Video Conference

Any appointments using a category with "For Video Conferencing" enabled will have a green button appear that says "Join Video Conference". The interpreter, agency user, and requester will be able to see the green button and will be routed into the same video conference room. If an attendee doesn't use a supported browser they will be notified after following the green link.


Data is transmitted directly from one video conference attendee to another. The data is encrypted while in transit. On average 14% of users are behind a symmetric NAT which doesn't allow browser-to-browser connections, if you are using a supported browser and aren't able to connect then please contact your IT department.

Browser Support

  • Google Chrome 28
  • Mozilla Firefox 22
  • Opera 18
  • Safari 11